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Anglo Saxon Urn, Buckelurne
Anglo Saxon Urn, Buckelurne
Anglo Saxon Urn, Buckelurne
Anglo Saxon Urn, Buckelurne

Anglo Saxon Urn, Buckelurne

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This magnificent urn was hand-crafted to authentically emulate an Anglo Saxon Pottery Buckelurne dating from the 5th/6th Century AD. Like the original, it is in the Germanic style, and we have burnished its surface to a shine that enhances the stunning blackening created during smoke firing. The decorative lines have been carefully hand-modelled just as the Anglo-Saxon potter would have done, creating a simplistic but striking aesthetic to the finished piece. 

Like many ancient masterpieces, this urn retains the markings and evidence of the potter who skillfully crafted it, something we love to see, particularly in a pot that has survived for thousands of years.   

The original urn is on display in the British Museum.


Smoke fired terracotta


Approx. 250mm tall 180mm diameter


As with all my Museum Quality Replicas, I try to work in a way that is as close as possible to the methods used by the ancient craftsmen and women who created the original. This pot is entirely hand-made using natural materials and replica tools of those used by the original maker. It has been wood fired in direct contact with the fuel to achieve an authentic finish; in this case, it has been smothered by wood towards the end of the firing, starving it of oxygen and giving it the characteristic black finish. Finally, it has been sealed with beeswax. 


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