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Iron Age Pottery Workshop - Saturday 23rd March 2019
Iron Age Pottery Workshop - Saturday 23rd March 2019
Iron Age Pottery Workshop - Saturday 23rd March 2019
Iron Age Pottery Workshop - Saturday 23rd March 2019

Iron Age Pottery Workshop - Saturday 23rd March 2019

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Saturday March 23rd 2019, 10am—4pm


Gregory Court, Coplish Lane, Rothbury Northumberland, NE65 7PJ


Although the Iron-Age in Britain takes us right up to the Roman occupation and the introduction of the potters' wheel, this workshop will focus on the hand built forms of the Early Iron Age including some imported wares from Gaul. You will learn about the preparation of natural clay and other raw materials; You will make your own Iron Age pottery tool kit including decorative stamps; Make and decorate replicas of Iron Age pots and, although we will fire your creations, we will also give you information on how to fire your pots in an authentic manner. Information sheets will be provided to help you continue potting once you return home.

No previous pottery or archaeological experience is needed, but if you have either you will be able to build on the knowledge that you already have.


All materials and equipment will be provided, although wearing old clothes and/or bringing an apron would probably be a good idea.


The following timetable is a framework and may be varied according to the interests and or ability of the group.

10-00 We will start off by Looking at the Pots: Using replicas and original potsherds, we will look at making methods, clay bodies, types and sources of raw materials, tools used, firing methods, etc.

10-30: Tools of the Trade: All participants will make their own Iron Age Pottery Tool-kit including; scrapers, modelling tools stamps, etc.. Using materials such as: Bone, Antler, Slate, Shell, Wood, etc. The tools will be based on marks found on the pots. When you begin making pots you will also have the use of my tool kit.

11-30: Introduction to Basic Making Methods: I will demonstrate various making methods including; coil (no not what you did at play school!) thumb pot, slab etc, and I'll demonstrate the use of the wheel, then you will begin making your first pot.

13-00: Lunch Break

14-00: Making & Decorating: Beakers, Food vessels and accessory vessels. With lots information, hints, tips, help where needed and encouragement, all participants will have the opportunity to make at least two pots.

16-00 Finish

If you require any further information on the course please do not hesitate to contact me at


All pots and tools that you make during the workshop are yours to keep and will be posted to a UK address once they have been fired. International postage will vary so contact us in advance for a quote. 


Access to tea and coffee throughout.


There are two spaces outside the workshop, which fill up quickly.  If you need a parking space close to the workshop for medical reasons then please  let us know in advance.  There is plenty of free parking and street parking in Rothbury, all within a five to ten minute walk of the workshop.  

 Terms & Conditions: Workshops must be paid for at time of booking in order to secure your place, if payment is not made your place may be offered to someone else. Full refund if cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to the event start date. Half refund if you cancel up to 1 week prior to the event start date, unless an alternative date can be arranged. No refund will be given if you cancel later than 1 week prior to the event start date or fail to attend without cancellation. If we cancel the event for whatever reason you will receive a full refund (This is VERY, VERY rare). In the event of cancellation due to extreme weather we will always try to arrange an alternative date. During the workshops photographs of participants and their work may be taken for publicity purposes, please let us know on the day of the workshop if you would prefer not to be photographed. By booking onto a session you agree to the terms and conditions.