Roman Head Pot, Vulcan
Roman Head Pot, Vulcan
Roman Head Pot, Vulcan
Roman Head Pot, Vulcan
Roman Head Pot, Vulcan

Roman Head Pot, Vulcan

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Head pots were widely used throughout Roman Britain and are some of the most striking ceramic items produced during Roman rule, and seem to have been a speciality of Romano-British potters.  The somewhat crude and possibly comical features of these examples were individually modelled onto beautifully wheel thrown jars.  Although the hair styles and features depicted on the pots are accepted as being Roman, the pots themselves seem to be almost entirely limited to Britain and do have a distinctly Celtic look.  Their function and significance is, as of yet, unknown as they have been found in a variety of locations including burials, Roman forts and in domestic environments. 

This head pot has been made in the form of the Roman god Vulcan, who was the god of fire, blacksmiths, the forge and volcanoes.  Having learnt to master the art of metal work Vulcan was tasked with making fearsome weapons and stunning jewellery for the gods.  He is also attributed with modelling Pandora out of a lump of clay and setting in motion the legend of Pandora's box.  

Unlike the other gods he was not blessed with good looks and an athletic build, however, despite his unattractive appearance he did marry the beautiful goddess Venus.  

 At the front of this pot we see the face of Vulcan and on the back are depicted the tools of his trade.  


Earthenware, terracotta


Approx. 210 mm tall, 140 mm diameter


This replica Roman pot has been hand made in Northumberland by Potted History, inspired by original artefacts.  It has been fired to a temperature of between 800°C & 1000°C, to emulate the techniques that the original potters would have employed nearly two thousand years ago. This process often results in variations of the surface colour and texture, emulating original Roman Pottery and giving each pot it's unique character.

Health and Safety

As with all of our Museum quality replicas, this piece has been fired to achieve an authentic finish. Like the original it is unglazed and has no modern finishes applied. As a result this pot does not meet modern health and safety standards and, although decorative, I would not recommend that this pot be used for the storage of food. .

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