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Packed full of information, this series is like a virtual apprenticeship that will provide you with all the knowledge you need to become an expert in this fascinating field. We truly are letting you know ALL our secrets. 

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Get Your Hands Dirty

Join us for an in-person pottery event and walk away with a treasure trove of knowledge and a handcrafted replica made by you.

We are supporting Vindolanda Roman Fort in raising money for their Race to £100K event by holding several workshops at Vindolanda and donating a chunk of the proceeds to the cause. Learn with us and support a great cause.

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Start your deep dive into ancient pottery now by visiting our channel, where you can follow some of our research and experimental archaeology. And remember to like and subscribe to help us build this history-loving community.

History in Hand

And a lifetime of knowledge to share with you today.

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The workshop I’ll never forget! Not only was Graham talking to us about how it’s all done, he was showing us live, making pottery right in front of us, using the techniques that the ancient world would have done

Katie Tipple

Warwick University Undergraduate