A Cup Fit For a Queen

A Cup Fit For a Queen

It is hardly surprising that people feel a deep affinity with this stunning archaeological find. Discovered in the Wilsford G8 Bronze Age barrow, one of the many barrow burials within a 2-mile radius of Stonehenge, the woman who this cup accompanies soon gained the moniker "Queen of Stonehenge" due to the riches found within her grave. So it is an exceptional vessel.

As well as having this prestigious connection to the "Queen of Stonehenge", it is a beautiful and fascinating object carefully crafted by skilled hands. It feels like it was made to celebrate someone or something important. Hand formed from a humble lump of clay, this vessel then had around 17 slits cup into its walls, the purpose of which continues to cause debate. However, if lit from within, the cup cases the most magnificent starburst, which has led many to speculate that the purpose of the cup may have been related to the celebration of the sun.



We will, sadly, never know for sure the purpose of this cup, but we can still enjoy the beauty of it and continue to imagine the lives and rituals of the people who placed this cup into the grave of this mysterious and celebrated lady.

Now that I have waxed lyrical about why this cup is such an exceptional object, you may wonder why we only make a few cups yearly. And the reason is that this cup is such a precious find and so skillfully made that we want to avoid mass-producing it and becoming thoroughly bored of it.

Whenever we pick up a piece of clay to make this or any replica, we want to feel the same devotion and care that the original pottery felt when they used their years of experience to create a vessel. We want to give the maker the respect they deserve by ensuring the vessel is made accurately.
We also want to give our customers the respect they deserve by creating something made with dedication and celebration. We might not all be the "Queen of Stonehenge", but we all deserve something that makes us feel our full fabulous, so we make our replicas to celebrate whatever fabulous you are.

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