A Truly Grand Day Out

A Truly Grand Day Out

It was such an incredible experience to have been invited to join Susan Calman on her fantastic show, A Grand Day Out. Graham had the chance to talk about his favourite topic, pots, and it was an honour to share his knowledge and insights with the audience. As well as being a highly respected journalist, Susan is a hilarious human being whose natural warmth and curiosity create the perfect atmosphere to share and have a laugh.

The interview took place in the breathtaking Ingram Valley, which is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque places in the country. With its rolling hills, meandering streams, and rich history, it is a sight to behold. Graham was able to take in the stunning vistas and abundant wildlife while discussing his passion for ancient pottery.

As fans of Susan's show A Grand Day Out, where people all over the country are given the opportunity to share their skills and achievements with the Channel 5 audience, we were thrilled when we got the call to join the fun.
You can learn more about what we discussed by joining us on Channel 5 for a truly A Grand Day Out! Available from Friday 6th October 2023 at 8 pm

And we also got to meet 'Helen Mirren.'

Watch this and many more fabulous episodes of Susan Calman's Grand Day Out episodes in Northumberland & The Pennines on catch up here. 


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