Rediscovering knowledge and sharing it with the world.

Rediscovering knowledge and sharing it with the world.
Although our heads are often in the past, we truly appreciate the wonders of YouTube, allowing us to share the knowledge we have gained through years of practical pottery experience.
What we do is use our in-depth knowledge of pottery production to identify the making techniques of ancient potters. These techniques have often been entirely lost to us, so we find clues in the form of tool marks, hand impressions and clay bodies, and use this to inform our practice. It's like being a detective.
Through this process, we have been able to recreate pottery that looks, feels and functions like the original, and not just on a superficial level. We want our replicas to be authentic to the core; this is one of the reasons that Museums and educational institutions around the world trust us to work with them and their precious artefacts.
But what use is our knowledge if we allow it to become lost again? This is why we are so passionate about sharing what we have learnt through our YouTube channel @PottedHistory, where anyone with a curious mind and an interest in pottery can become an expert in their own right. So please head over and learn with us today.

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