Gifts For Archaeologists

Gifts For Archaeologists

You will often find us bent over a fire, hair and clothes smelling of wood-smoke, a cup of tea in hand as we replicate the firing techniques of ancient potters. Our efforts are focused on creating objects that look, feel and smell like they would have done when they were lifted from the flames by ancient makers thousands of years ago.

Having been commissioned to make hundreds of gifts for leading academics, archaeologists, experts, and history lovers over the years, we know that we have to create something that will satisfy the people who have intimate knowledge of these objects, people who have grown to love certain vessels and, in some cases, been instrumental in excavating and researching them.

We know how spine-tinglingly powerful it can be to encounter a beloved vessel in a museum display case, and we do what we do so you can get that bit closer to these precious pieces of history.  We want to put history in your hands. 

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  • Sarah

    To experience a live Potted History firing, you can join us at Vindolanda Roman Fort for a kiln firing on 22nd May 2023. You can book tickets through the Vindolanda website –

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