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Roman Face Antefix 001
Roman Face Antefix 001
Roman Face Antefix 001
Roman Face Antefix 001
Roman Face Antefix 001

Roman Face Antefix 001

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 The ancient Romans used antefix to conceal the ends of the tiles that ran along the edge of roofs. They served both a functional and a decorative purpose, with the tiles protecting the wooden parts of the roof from the elements. 

Antefix were often made with the images of Gods, Deities or military insignia as they were intended to advertise to the world outside that this house is protected and ward off evil. 

 We have made these replicas without the mounting lug to allow this antefix to attach to a roof, and we have added a hole to allow this antefix to be wall-mounted. We have done this to make the antefix easier to display in a modern context. Should you wish to have a replica with this fixing lug attached, please get in touch for a quote.




Approx. 190 mm tall, 200 mm long, 35 mm depth


This replica has been hand made in Northumberland by Potted History, based on an original artefact. We have fired this item to a temperature of between 800 & 1000 Centigrade to emulate the same techniques that the original potters would have employed nearly two thousand years ago. This process often results in variations of the surface colour and texture, as is common with the original Greek Pottery and giving each piece a unique character.


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