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Roman Jupiter Statue, Zeus
Roman Jupiter Statue, Zeus
Roman Jupiter Statue, Zeus
Roman Jupiter Statue, Zeus

Roman Jupiter Statue, Zeus

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In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the King of the Gods, and he was worshipped throughout the Roman empire as the great protector of the Roman people. The son of Saturn and Ops, he is associated with storms, thunder and lightning. He was thought to be a protector during times of war whilst maintaining the welfare of the people during times of peace.
In this statue, based on archaeological finds from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, Jupiter sits upon his throne with his eagle at his side. According to legend, his eagle would collect thunderbolts from the sky, which Jupiter would then use to exact justice, or revenge, on those who displeased him.
Upon the top of his staff sits Mercury, messenger to the gods, ready and waiting for the command to fly into action.
Jupiter is also known as Zeus in Greek Mythology.

White Earthenware or Pipeclay

Approx. 195 mm tall, 125 mm width, 65 depth mm

As with all my Museum Quality Replicas, we have made this pot, as the original would have been, entirely by hand from natural clay and using replicas of the types of tool that the ancient makers would have used. As each pot varies, you may not receive the vessel in the image, but you can be sure that your pot will be one of a kind due to the variations caused by the firing process.

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