Antefix, Roman 20th Legion
Antefix, Roman 20th Legion
Antefix, Roman 20th Legion

Antefix, Roman 20th Legion

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This is a replica of a ceramic tile antefix with the inscription for the 20th legion, LEG XX and the emblem of that legion, a boar. Dating from 2nd-3rd century AD this tile would have been one of a row of ornate tiles that were once set along the eaves of a tiled Roman roof. The original tiles would have been manufactured in Romano-Britain by the tilery of the Roman army's 20th legion. There is an example of a similar tile, that was excavated in Holt, Clwyd, that is now housed in the Roman collection at the British Museum.

Earthenware clay


Approx 215 mm tall, 175 mm wide


As with all my Museum Quality Replicas this pot has been made, as the original would have been,  entirely by hand from natural clay and using replicas of the types of tool that the Roman makers would have used.
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