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Bronze Age Collared Urn
Bronze Age Collared Urn
Bronze Age Collared Urn
Bronze Age Collared Urn
Bronze Age Collared Urn

Bronze Age Collared Urn

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In the early to mid part of the Bronze Age the dead were often cremated and placed in collared urns, which would then be inverted in clay or stone lined pits and sealed with a stone slab.  A mound of stones called a cairn would then be built over the burial.  In order to ensure the contents of the urns remained in place during this process it is likely that they were sealed using a piece of cloth or leather stretched over the collar of the urn and tied in place. 

Many examples have been recovered from across Britain including along the Thames and from Ham Common near Petersham.  This collared urn was inspired by examples found at Carneddau Cairn near Carno Wales.


Smoke fired Terracotta


Approx. 205mm tall 210mm diameter


It has been fired to emulate the ancient firing conditions. The original pot would have been fired in an open wood fire, in close contact with the fuel, a process that leaves its mark on the clay as variations in the surface colour. However the very low temperatures achieved in open firings, also results in pots that are relatively weak, so this pot has been fired to a somewhat higher temperature to strengthen it, in a special firing process that allows me to achieve an authentic appearance to the pot.


Hand built using course clay, these vessels were decorated around the collar and shoulders using whipped cord or comb impressions set out in geometric or herringbone blocks. They were then fired on open bonfires resulting in the mottled colouration. 

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