Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug
Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug

Lambton Worm Puzzle Jug

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Puzzle jugs are a lot of fun!  The descendant of the earlier fuddling cup, they were particularly popular during the 18th and 19th century, although there are early examples from the Medieval period, and they still cause great amusement when presented to those not in the know.

This puzzle jug celebrates the story of Sir John Lambton and the "Aaaaful Lambton Worm" and is inscribed with the chorus from the traditional folk song.  Like Sir John, the drinker will have to overcome apparently insurmountable odds if they wish to drink it's contents, without spilling a drop; something that is almost impossible if you don't know the secret, but surprisingly easy if you do.

Green glazed and decorated with Dragon/Lambton Worm head spouts.  It has been hand crafted in the traditional style, with hand cut sections on the collar of the jug making it seemingly impossible to drink from. 

Inscription reads :

 Whist lads haad yor gobs

Aa'll tell he's aall an aaful story

Whist lads hadd ye's gobs

An' aa'll tell ye's boot the Worm 


Earthen ware, green glazed. 


Approx 250 mm tall, 140 mm diameter, spout to handle 195 mm

Health and Safety

As with all of our Museum quality replicas, this piece has been fired to achieve an authentic finish.   Like the original it has been made with a series of internal tubes that allow the liquid to be drunk, similar to using a straw.  Although very clever, it does mean that these tubes can be difficult to clear.  As a result we suggest that you only use water in this jug as other beverages may be more difficult to clean out of the internal tubes.  The jug must be completely dried out after use to avoid the growth of mould inside the internal tubes.   DO NOT USE this jug if you are not 100% sure it has been cleaned and dried correctly.  


This replica has been hand made in Northumberland by Potted History, it is inspired by original artefacts.  As with the original this replica has been wheel formed, it has then been finished using a Green glaze to emulate the original glaze used. 
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