Orkney Venus , Westray Wifie
Orkney Venus , Westray Wifie
Orkney Venus , Westray Wifie
Orkney Venus , Westray Wifie
Orkney Venus , Westray Wifie

Orkney Venus , Westray Wifie

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At the time of her discovery in the summer of 2009, this charming little figure was considered to be the earliest representation of a human to be found in Scotland.  Discovered during an excavation at the Links of Noltland, she has raised may questions about her use and significance to the people of the time.  

For around 5000 years she lay hidden in the decaying rubble of a Neolithic farmhouse, which had once stood, surrounded by impressive boundary walls, in the middle of a productive network of fields. Later it appears that its use changed and it may have served as a storehouse or animal pen.  The walls of the house began to collapse at some point and the site was put to use as a midden.  It was amongst this midden debris and rubble that the precious little figure of the Orkney Venus was found.   

Her location amongst the midden material suggests she was placed there after the farmhouse fell into disuse as a dwelling, possibly as an offering.

A number of theories have arisen as to her original function, including use as a pendent with the cord wrapped into the groove of her neck.  Made with decoration on front and back she was intended to be viewed from all angles. perhaps as a toy or a deity.  However, there is little evidence of wear from being handled or of a cord having been tied onto her, suggesting she found her resting place shortly after being created.  


Smoke fired Terracotta


Approx 45 mm tall 30 mm wide 15 mm depth. 

When choosing a colour variation please be aware that, due to the firing process, the colour and mottling varies with each Venus, giving each one their own individual character.  But we will select your Venus according to your preference.


This goddess has been handmade in a small pottery workshop in Northumberland.

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