Roman Hercules Samian Ware, Dr30
Roman Hercules Samian Ware, Dr30
Roman Hercules Samian Ware, Dr30
Roman Hercules Samian Ware, Dr30
Roman Hercules Samian Ware, Dr30

Roman Hercules Samian Ware, Dr30

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There is something so very Roman about the iconic Samian Ware pottery. Sherds of this stunning style have been discovered throughout the Roman world because its popularity resulted in it being shipped to all corners of the empire.
Mass-produced by specialists in Gaul using locally sourced clay that had the perfect properties to create the gorgeous shine that Samian Ware is famous for, bowls like this were prized by their owners. There are even examples found along Hadrian's Wall that have names scratched into the surface to ensure that everyone was clear on who the piece belonged to. They were simply too precious to lose.
This replica depicts the life and trials of the great hero and protector, Hercules. Son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, Hercules was despised by the Goddess Hera, Zeus' wife, and had to defend himself from her constant attacks throughout his life.
Form type Dragendorff 30


Terracotta and red slip finish


Approx. 140 mm high, 160 mm diameter


This replica Roman pot has been hand-made in Northumberland by Potted History, based on an original artefact. It has been fired to a temperature between 800 & 1000 Centigrade to emulate the same techniques the original potters would have employed nearly two thousand years ago. This process often results in surface colour and texture variations, as is common with the original Roman pottery and gives each piece its unique character.

Health and Safety

As with all of our museum-quality replicas, this piece has been fired to achieve an authentic finish. Like the original, it is unglazed and has no modern finishes applied. As a result, this pot does not meet modern health and safety standards, and although decorative, we recommend that you refrain from using this pot should not be used for its original purpose.


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Please be aware that due to items being handmade and finished, colour variations will occur during the making process, and each replica will have some differences.  Also, know that the item photographed may not be the one that you receive, and colours can appear differently on different screens.  Please ensure you look at all the images to get a fully formed idea of the item you are ordering as we try to capture the variations within the images we share.  If you prefer a specific colour variation, please contact us before ordering.