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Roman Box Flute Tile
Roman Box Flute Tile
Roman Box Flute Tile
Roman Box Flute Tile
Roman Box Flute Tile

Roman Box Flute Tile

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This box flue tile is based on a find that is now part of the British Museum's collection. 

Box-flues were set into the walls of some Roman buildings to allow the movement of hot air from an underground hypocaust to flow through the walls.  This would heat the walls and create a lovely warm room.    

The decoration is applied to clay slabs using a wooden roller before constructing the box shape by hand.  Although very decorative, the designs were not intended to be visible within the room, their purpose was purely functional as it created a texture to which the mortar would better adhere. 


Earthenware clay


Approx 390 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm


As with all my Museum Quality Replicas, this pot has been made, as the original would have been, entirely by hand from natural clay and using replicas of the types of tool that the Roman makers would have used.


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