Roman Venus / Aphrodite Statuette
Roman Venus / Aphrodite Statuette
Roman Venus / Aphrodite Statuette
Roman Venus / Aphrodite Statuette

Roman Venus / Aphrodite Statuette

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Within every Roman house there would have been a sacred shine, or lararium, dedicated to the guardian spirits of the home.  These lararia  would have been visited daily by the family members , who would perform rituals  in order to maintain the protection of these domestic spirits.  A key part of every lararium would have been the statues of significant gods and goddesses, who the family could leave offering for. 

This beautiful little Venus figure was clearly a popular effigy to have within the household shrine, as fragments of her have been discovered on sites across the Roman Empire .  And as the goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility it is no wonder she held an important  position in the minds of Roman citizens. 

Originally made in Gaul, and possibly in the Thames Valley, from white clay which would, much later, become known as ’pipe clay  for its use in the making of clay pipes.


White Earthenware or Pipe clay


Approx. 140 mm tall, 40 mm base diameter


This replica Roman pot has been hand made in Northumberland by Potted History, based on an original artefact.  It has been fired to a temperature of between 800 & 1000 Centigrade, to emulate the same techniques that the original potters would have employed nearly two thousand years ago. This process often results in variations of the surface colour and texture, as is common with the original Roman Pottery and giving each piece it's unique character.

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